Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 Week Tour of the West: Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park

Two very beautiful and totally different national parks. We did Bryce Canyon first. There the rock formations are all red sandstone pillars, my imagination ran wild with me there, cause every rock looks like something else. Nicole skipped this hike her feet were still hurting from the Grand Canyon. So the walk today was with Neil, John, Nadia and Katharina. We were on the Navajo Loop Trail from Sunrise point to Sunset point.

As usual the hike was first down hill then up. Memories of the Grand Canyon came flooding back! Well, the uphill wasn't quite that bad. This trail took us about 2 hours. So that wasn't too much of a problem. We had intended to spend the night at or near Bryce Canyon, but the weather forecast at the Visitor Centre (V.C.) was 9C for that night. So we headed straight from Bryce to Zion.

The campsite was actually fully booked, but with all of Linda's connections we managed to get a place for our 7 tents. But we weren't tucked away in any old corner, no, we had the best spot on the site - a grassy rondell! The only thing wrong with the site was the fact that it only had 3 toilets, 2 sinks and five showers for at least 200 women!

Zion National ParkThe next morning it was hiking again. As always Nicole was my hiking partner and this time Nadia joined us. There were six of us doing the " Emerald Pool " hike, but the other three Annie, Kylie and Cheryl wanted to go the other way round, so we split up. That gave us the chance to gossip about those not with us. Zion National Park is beautiful, still rugged cliffs, but different again to Bryce and Grand Canyon.

Nadia, Nicole and I actually got ourselves slightly confused on the round trip, and when we got the map out to check the route, we found Nadia had picked up the Bryce Canyon map, so that was no help whatsoever! We did a bit longer hike and made everyone wait for us at the van, but we were only 20 mins late.

In the evening we had a campfire and grilled Kebaps (do-it-yourself ones) then I got to barbecue marshmellows for the first time, I managed 3 they're nice, but any more would probably make you ill! The next morning (Easter Sunday) after we had packed everything up, we all put our easter bunny ears on and marched around the campsite, whilst Neil and Linda hid easter eggs! We found all of them and then distributed a few to the kids camped around us, along with Burger Kings Bunny ears! Then it was off to Las Vegas!

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