Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 Week Tour of the West: Yosemite

Got to the campground around lunchtime, built the tents up first and then had lunch. We noticed straight away that there was another Trek America Tour on the campsite, but they were obviously hiking as no-one was around. After lunch we drove into Yosemite National Park to get us orientated for our hiking tomorrow. First of all we stopped to see the Bridal Veil Falls, then we drove on to the V.C. Linda said she had never seen Yosemite with so much water and was all excited for us, as the waterfalls would be beautiful then. Well Bridal Veil Falls were certainly gorgeous. At the V.C. there is an Ansel Adams gallery, he is a famous photographer, I've never heard of. He has taken some beautiful black and white photos of the waterfalls. Unfortunately to expensive for me.

From the V.C. we went to see the giant Sequoia trees. We had to go quite high up and some of us (much to my annoyance) got very over-excited about the snow (horrible stuff). The walk was all down hill to the trees and in the snow, so Nicki who only had sandals on, had to stay at the van. Annie also stayed in the van, she had a migraine. What can I say about the trees - huge!

After that it was back to the campsite for dinner. Whilst the others were getting it ready Nicole and I went down to sit at the river, originally to write diaries and postcards, but we reminisced about skydiving and came back to camp on a high again. This feeling carried on way into the evening, helped along by the alcohol. I was drinking wine and Nicole Gin & Tonic. The other Trek group joined us around the campfire (some of them), I got chatting to a guy from New Zealand, Andrew, he will be passing through Germany later in the year, so I gave him my card and hope he rings to visit. (He was a nice guy and good-looking!)

Cilla, Rochelle and Kylie did not join us around the campfire (!), so they were all complaining that they couldn't sleep because we were so noisy! Rubbish! Neil did scream out once, but I rather enjoyed that as Kylie didn't think nothing of doing the same to us at the Cowboy Ranch! Besides it was only noisy till about 2am. After that there was only 4 of us left. I got to bed at about 4 am!

Up at 7.30! No hangover, but extremely tired. Still I had a great evening so I didn't mind too much. The other trek left for Vegas about 9am and we left shortly after for hiking. Nicole and I hiked together especially as we were both suffering from lack of sleep! We only did a very short hike today, we took the shuttle bus to Happy Isles and then on the John Muir trail to the Vernal Falls. Of course we did the usual Canyon Shuffle, it wouldn't be the same without! We sat for about an hour by the falls, just out of reach of the spray and relaxed. Neil joined us there, he'd been hiking on his own. When the sun went in and the wind got up, we had to move our resting place.

Late night!We'd spotted a decent resting rock on the way up, so we headed straight for that on the way down, and laid down on it. I set my alarm clock, which was in my pocket for some unknown reason. We dozed around but didn't fall asleep as the wind got up again, and the sun went in. So we walked back down and caught the bus to the V.C.

We, Nicole and I, had lunch (pizza and ice-cream), then we wandered around the V.C. having problems keeping our eyes open. We saw two free park benches and laid down on them and fell asleep!

Back at the campsite I went down to the river again, this time with John (Nicole was cooking). We had a barbecue dinner tonight, and after that I had an early night 21.30.

My overall opinion of Yosemite - BEAUTIFUL and extremely relaxing, because of all the running water, it seemed to calm one's soul (not that mine needed calming!)

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