Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best of the Rockies Trek: Seattle

Oh dear, last day, We had to get up quite early as we had to clean up everything and count all the things. Well, we showed Andrew's grumpy group, how to do it all quickly and having fun! Then it was on to Seattle. First stop there was an outdoor store REI, where a lot stocked up on outdoor clothes. I looked at the hiking boots, but the ones on sale unfortunately didn't fit.

Start of Underground TourFrom there it was on to Pike Place Market. Wandered around there until it was time for our "Underground Tour". That was fun. The guide was hilarious, but had I have been from elsewhere, I wouldn't have understood a word!

After that we went out to eat again. This time to a Mexican restaurant. Again very delicious! Then it was back to our hotel for our " Farewell Party ". And what a party it was. Oh, what a night!The T-shirts say it all really! I haven't a clue how many beers I had, but it was a hell of a lot! We partied until it closed at 2am, then we went down to Janny and Sally's room and carried on there!

I wish I could write everything down, but that would be impossible, and not because of any memory losses! Well, we finally went to bed at 3.40am. Linda and Mike shared a bed and I had one for myself!

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