Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hawaiian Dream Trek: Canoe Sailing

We were all a little later up today, cause of the windy and rainy night. Ulrike and I were the first to the " kitchen " where we realised that not doing the washing up the night before, was not a good idea! Well, we set about boiling some water for the washing up and got down to having some breakfast which was followed by doing the dishes. Having done that, we had to pack everything up as it was our last morning in " Jurassic Park ".

The sailing canoeWe then headed to the beach just south of the one where we had kayaked and there in two groups we went sailing on a sailing canoe. I was on the second tour with Nicki, Ulrike and Todd. It was great fun, even though after two minutes I was drowned. We were out on the water for about an hour, we sailed towards the Mokulua and then back again. It was fun. The sailors dropped us back off at the beach and Todd went for another quick spin on the boat, whilst we all had lunch.

After lunch it was off to Waikiki, where Todd dropped us off at the hotel. We were all meeting at 19.00pm in the lobby to go to an authentic Japanese restaurant. In the meantime Nicki and Ulrike went and did some laundry, I am saving mine for a decent German washing machine!

The meal at the Japanese restaurant was delicious, I should definitely try and convince Tsuji-san (my ex-boss) to take me and Moni (my colleague and friend) to one. I had raw Tuna fish in a hot sauce (starters), then I had a combination which included Garlic tuna fish (cooked) and battered veg, which is dipped in soy sauce. Very yummy. Once back from there we all fell into bed exhausted.

Oops, nearly forgot: The restaurant didn't have a liquor license, so you can buy your beer at a store and take it in with you! Never experienced that before!

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