Tuesday, June 24, 2008

East Coast of America Trek: Toronto

Today Toronto is on the programme, whilst the others went sightseeing, I went in search of help with my camera. I found it at "Japan Cameras" in Eaton Place. The guy there was really helpful and I now know that the camera is fine, it is the lens that is broken. I convinced the guy that I really did want to buy a new lens and am now the happy owner of a zoom lens, which I would have bought sooner or later!

Canadian Mountie MooseI did a bit of window shopping at Eaton Place after that and had lunch, I then decided not to waste all that beautiful sunshine and wandered the streets of Toronto, trying out my new lens. There is an exhibition on in Toronto "Moose in the City", which is a lot (as in 326) of painted moose, all over town. Some of them are really funny, I got quite a few pictures of them and eventually I sat down in the sunshine by the CN Tower writing postcards and this journal.

At 4pm we all met up again and Tom made it! He got to Toronto with 20 mins to the 4pm deadline - phew!

Once we had all gathered again it was back to the campsite for dinner (Tacos and dessert). After our "award-winning" washing up performance (Catherine, Robin and I), it was off back into Toronto to go up the CN-Tower. Great views of Toronto by night from up there, and funnily enough my fear of heights wasn't as bad in the dark!

From there we went to a bar called "Indian Cycle", there was a great band playing there. Erica and I had fun watching the people on the dance floor, luckily for us on-one there noticed us giggling about them. Except for Stephen who was amused by the pair of us!

At about 11.50pm Erica, Stephen and I left the bar and took a long route back to the bus to explore Toronto's roads at night. Back at the van we climbed on top, chatted and admired the view of the CN-Tower.

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