Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 Week Tour of the West: Disneyland

Last day of our tour today and what better way to finish it, than at the " happiest place on earth " to take our minds off leaving one another. It took 3 hours to get from Santa Barbara to Anaheim, so we weren't actually there for the opening of the park. I still vividly remember my first impression of Euro Disney, Paris, and I'm afraid to say the " original " Disneyland does not measure up to it in the least. In fact I was disappointed. Still I soon got over that. Oh, one more thing that was disappointing was Cinderella's castle, it was so small! Oh well, obviously not everything is bigger in America!

First stop in Disneyland was " Space Mountain " the queue was long but could have been a lot longer! We were next but one in the line, when the ride broke down and they announced a 45 min wait! Well, we'd queued this far, we weren't going to be discouraged. We just leant on the wall, got the Pringles out and had a picnic! whilst I wrote a postcard to Lee. The 45 mins seemed to go quite fast, especially when we got serenaded. We found out later that there was a choir competition on and it was probably one of these singing " The lion sleeps tonight ", " You've lost that loving feeling " and other oldies! It was like Karaoke all over again! The ride was great, when we finally started, a great opportunity for a good old scream! Nicole and I went in together, and had a wonderful time screaming and laughing!

Next stop was " Star Tours " which after a real rollercoaster seemed quite tame. So after that we aimed for the " Matterhorn ". Now that was good. It was two to each carriage, so I got have a cushioned ride between Neil's legs. Actually for part of the ride I cushioned his knees with my arms, as he was complaining of banging them! After the Matterhorn, we went and wandered around Mickey's Toontown, where I posted two postcards in a talking post-box, hopefully it was a real one! In Toontown we all tried a " frozen banana ", delicious, but in the beginning extremely hard. Next we did " Pirates of the Caribean ", where we all got slightly wet, but not wet enough! Next door was the " Haunted Mansion ", Nicki and Juliane sat this one out, lucky for them, it was a short queue! Neil made Nadia jump there and nearly had his nose smashed, she was not amused!

We rejoined Nicki and Juliane and went to " Splash Mountain ", the queue led us past the drop, so we knew we'd get probably pretty wet. So I did something not seen or heard of outside of Europe - I got changed in the queue! I took my jeans off and put on my shorts! Better wet legs, than wet jeans! The ride was brilliant. Nicki who was right at the front, got drowned! I did alright I was third from last. Poor John got well and truly squashed at the back, as Nadia and I both put our weight on him, going up the hill!

After this ride, we wanted to go again, but decided to save it " for Ron " (later), and went to visit " Indiana Jones "! Another great ride. Not your usual roller coaster ride as there was 16 of us in a car thing, that gets shaken about as well as dropped and spun round fast corners. I think that was probably the longest queue. Then we went back to get drowned again. Coming off the ride the queue was extremely short so we jumped on it again. This time Nadia wanted the front seat, so we did another striptease in the queue. Trouser swapping, she borrowed my shorts and I put my jeans back on. Laughs all round! Neil wanted to charge $10 a head to watch! With our legs he would have made a fortune!

After that ride we went to see the " American Journey " at the Circle Vision Cinema. Most of the sights there we'd seen. So it was a case of " been there, done that! " Then it was group photo time (our little group!), then shopping. Another T-shirt for me. Unfortunately it was then time to go. More group photos, and then on to spend the rest of the food kitty money. 1/2 Pizza time, followed by fresh strawberry cheese cake. Delicious! Then back to the hotel, where it was time to say good-bye to Cilla, Rochelle, Nicki, Annie and Katharina.

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