Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hawaiian Dream Trek: Honolulu

We were on our own today and we all split up and went our various ways. Nicki wanted to take back her GAP dungarees, so she headed off on her own to Ala Moana Shopping Mall.

Ulrike and I headed off sightseeing on our own. But our first stop was breakfast at Denny's, where we both had a Belgian waffle with strawberries.

Iolani PalaceThen we caught a No. 2 bus to Punchbowl Street in downtown Honolulu, which is the nearest stop to our first port of call - Iolani Palace. We went on a tour of the palace, which was great fun. It was so beautiful and the guide made it very interesting too.

After that we wandered down to Aloha Tower Market Place. To start with we wandered around there looking for a place for a quick something to eat, but couldn't so we just had a drink and sat down and watched some Hula girls (We found out later that Mei and Albert were there at the same time, but we didn't see one another) After our drink we went up the Aloha Tower and took a few pictures. Then we did a bit of shopping and I bought myself some new sunglasses (polarized). I also got Lee (my brother) a South Park T-shirt, I don't know what I'll get Ramona (his girl-friend) yet.

Then from there we caught a bus to the Ala Moana Shopping Centre, where I got all my postcards and some of those strange gummi bears. Ulrike had a look at some backpacks but was undecided. We left the centre and went to the internet café, where we had to wait an hour before we could get on the computer. As we had to wait so long they didn't charge us for our drinks.

After sending Mum an email we made our way back to the hotel for a quick shower before we set off to Keo's, a Thai restaurant, where obviously all the stars go, as there was loads of pictures of them all with the Chef.

I had an " Evil Jungle Prince " which I washed down with an " Evil Princess " cocktail. It was all very delicious. After that we were all totally bloated and enjoyed the walk back to the hotel. Mother's Day today, but I sent the email for that yesterday. So no worries there.

Marcus, Ulrike and I went to breakfast together. We looked all around but we couldn't find the 99c breakfast, so we ended up at Chili's. Which was nice but not quite so cheap. After breakfast we picked Nicki up at the hotel and hauled all our bags into Mei and Albert's room. Then we set off for the Waikiki Aquarium. I thought that was fun, as instead of having to read everything we had a sort of telephone thing to listen to. Just one thing was annoying. I heard all about corals about 1000 times!

After the aquarium we all grabbed a bite to eat before meeting back at the hotel for our shuttle to the airport. Well, that got us to the airport way too early. Our flight was at 3.45pm and we were at the airport at 2:10pm! We just hang around there for a while, and I wrote and sent all 30 of my postcards! But I don't suppose they will make it to Germany before me! (surprise, surprise they did!)

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