Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hawaiian Dream Trek: East Coast of Oahu

Nicki and I were awake extremely early, probably excited about meeting the rest of the group! We just lolled around reading all our free Hawaii brochures. Until at about 8.45am, after repacking our bags we made our way down to reception. The CrewIn the lift we met Marcus, who is on the Trek with us. He is 26 and from Germany (somewhere near Munich). We checked out, and I paid the $50 for a new safe key. Then we waited for more to arrive. (Oh, Nicki went shopping for something to drink and a beach towel (map of Hawaii)) Todd was next to arrive, he is the tour guide, he told us that there are only 6 of us. Ulrike (an Au Pair from Germany, living in Boston) arrived next, well actually she'd been there all along, we just hadn't spotted her around a corner. Mei and Albert were next (and last) to arrive they are from San Francisco, the first Americans I've been on a trek with !

We filled in all the forms and then Todd showed us on the map, what was planned. We headed out of Waikiki to the east side, and stopped at the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout. A beautiful view.

From there it was on to our campsite to set up the tents. We are camping in/at Ka'a'wa Valley, which I call the "Valley of the Dinosaurs" as some of Jurassic Park was filmed here. In fact quite a few things have been filmed here (Fantasy Island, Birds of Paradise, George of the Jungle, Joe Mighty, etc.) Also this campsite is for Trek only so it is just idyllic.

Valley of the dinosaurs

Well, we set up camp admired the view, had lunch, and lessons on how to work the toilets and shower, then it was off to the Polynesian Cultural Centre. That was fun, Todd didn't join us, he had to do various other things, such as get something for dinner!

The Polynesian Cultural Centre is like a living museum for the Polynesian Islands and they each have their own area, where they do shows to introduce you to their culture. We saw a show from New Zealand, Marquesas, Tonga and Hawaii. We also saw the Canoe pageant and played a spear throwing game in Tahiti.

Willy Junior, the big guy on the right! The show in Tonga was the best. It was this huge guy called Willi Junior, teaching three guys the drums. Well he had picked out a Japanese guy, who didn't seem to speak a word of English! It was hilarious. He told the guy to shout to the audience: " Are you ready " No problem, then he asked " Japan " to shout: " Are you ready " in Japanese. So Japan repeated parrot fashion " Are you ready in Japanese " He played this game about 4 times! So funny! We left the P.C.C. at 18.00 and went back to the campground, where we had Burritos for dinner. Delicious as always. Then Todd made us a campfire, whiched proved slightly difficult as most of the wood wasn't really dry! But we got it going eventually.

Can't remember when we went to bed, but I don't think we were very late.

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