Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: IVORY COAST (Day 71-75)

Day 71 : Monday 1st Feb - Abidjan

All into town to get the Zaire visa, had to leave our passports with the paranoid bastards, costing ?50, most expensive visa anywhere. Found a Barclays bank to use my visa card, only managed to get ?100 after 3/4 hour, but could do with a bit more, these visas are costing much more than expected. Went to a supermarché then back to guard the truck with Charlie and Lars, driving around for this and that, to airport collect truck parts that Exodus have sent out. This country has much more money than all the other countries in Africa visited so far, city is very impressive. Patrick found a shed of a cafe where they all had lunch I stayed on the truck. Hit my head on Claire?s umbrella in the nets, snapped it in half after in a temper. On the way back, Patrick told them that they had just eaten rat stew, could not stop laughing at their faces. Back in town Canadian Mark told me of a bank giving out CFA, legged it round there and managed to get 100,000 CFA in 10 mins, well pleased. Posted two letters home. Still feel unwell but decided to go out for a group meal anyway, all got dressed up and looked really different, meal was not that good, they ran out of meat and veg. ended up with a plate of chips. Julia got drunk, slept on the truck with her and Niels, late to sleep waiting for everyone to come back.

Day 72 : Tuesday 2nd Feb - Abidjan

Into town to get our visas, went to the supermarché again then to the bank for another 100,000 CFA. Can't get my camera fixed, or buy one at a decent price. Walked round with Charlie then on my own, bought a paper then wrote a letter to Daffy. Rang home and spoke to Mum for 5,000 CFA. Got back to camp and had a meal of eggs etc. had a beer, washed some clothes, made a fire and got covered in soot, had to wait ages for a shower. Went a walk with Julia along the shore, sorted all my money out in detail at night.

Day 73 : Wednesday 3rd Feb - Beach, Ivory Coast

Into town for 9.30, then left for the beach, had to wait for a ferry across a lagoon, so we had a beer in a bar there. Drove for about half hour through coconut plantations that went right down to the beach. Found an isolated place where we could make a camp and have a rest for a few days. Put up Mike's tent for him while he was cooking, then mine and Charlie?s. He has got himself dehydrated again and does not feel well. Decided to sleep on the truck with Julia. Blew up my airbed and went swimming, very steep beach with a strong under tow. Took some film of the fishermen bringing their catch in, bought a shark off them for tea, quite nice.

Day 74 : Thursday 4th Feb - Beach, Ivory Coast

Spent all day on the beach, went swimming with the airbed and hyper-extended my back while lying on it. Julia gave me a massage, but the pain won't go away. Got pissed up at night on the beach with the others, slept on the truck again.

Day 75 : Friday 5th Feb - Beach, Ivory Coast

Hot weather again, went for a run along the beach in the morning then sat about reading. Had to go shopping later on for our food group and to get some water. Made a thick minestrone soup for tea, sat on beach at night and slept on the truck.

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