Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: CONGO (Day 116-120)

Thursday 18th March - Odzale Game Park - Congo

A car woke us up on the road in the morning which was quite a surprise. Road is a bit better now, so we are all back riding in the truck. We are almost a week overdue at the game park run by an English bloke and his American wife. She sent one of her employees on a motorbike with some supplies out for us. Found that we should get to Odzale later in the day. Passed through a few small villages, stopping at a small town. I went food shopping and spent all the kitty on next to nothing. Paid 5000 CFA into the beer kitty. At last we emerged from the jungle and made lunch on the edge. So good to be out in the open. Arrived at the game park in the afternoon. The game lodge is made of wood and reeds but seems like a palace after spending so long sleeping in tents. Went for a bath in the river then had a couple of hours sleep in one of the rooms. Did truck cleaning and waited over 3 hours for Andy and Kristen to make the evening meal ( soup & rice ) ! Shared a room with Lars, slept ok apart form him waking up all night saying that Buffalo were coming in the camp.

Friday 19th March - Odzale Game Park, Congo

Up at 5:00 and had a sandwich and made another one up for lunch. Set off with a couple of guides on a walking safari with Charlie, Lars, Jo and Metta at 5:45. Nice and cool at this time in the morning, though it soon warmed up. Crossed a river in a dugout canoe. Arrive back at 11 and went for another sleep, what a luxury a bed is, even is it is made out of straw. Had lunch then did all my washing in the river. Started to rain very hard, we all crammed into a small room that had a TV and Video to watch the video of the trip taken by Ian. Had an evening meal at the house followed by a few beers out on the patio. Read a few out of date British newspapers then slept on the truck, raining very hard all through the night.

Saturday 20th March - Odzale Game Park, Congo

Rained all morning. Just lazed about the camp, played monopoly and some more washing. Saw the rest of the video in the afternoon. Slept in Ian & Esthers room while they were out on a night safari with ? of the others. I could not be bothered, slept a full 11 hours instead.

Sunday 21st March - Odzale Game Park, Congo

I was right, they saw F.A. and had been awake all night. Used the gerry cans to collect water from a spring with the lads, then fixed the spare tent. Wrote a couple of letters home and slept in the tent, another good nights sleep.

Monday 22nd March - Congo

Packed tent away and had a group photo before going back into the town for some bread. Travelled all day on a very bumpy road, not much faster than walking. Now almost on the equator , very hot, did not eat anything for lunch. Listened to walkman in afternoon with Julia. Camped at the side of the road after cutting branches down to make room for the tent.

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