Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: GAMBIA (Day 46-50)

Day 46 : Thursday 7th Jan - Dakar

Went into town for the last time to pick up our clean laundry and the Gabon and Mali visas. Managed to do a quick bit of shopping with Mike, Bobbie and Jo before we left for the bush to camp near the Gambian boarder. It is now warm enough to sleep out in the open under a mosquito net, but it is easier to put a tent up. A few monkeys are about in the trees.

Day 47 : Friday 8th Jan - Senegal / Gambian boarder

Nice warm day, we got to the river boarder very quickly but then had to wait ages for a ferry. Gambians speak English which is a bit of relief, met a few locals, one of the lads was called "Arse on Fire". It took nearly an hour to reach Banjul. Me and Charlie volunteered to go and get the beer for the truck, but first we had to go and change some money on the black market. Changed ?40 down a backstreet and nearly got ripped off. Found a shop that sold beer in cans, bought four crates with the help of a local. He followed us back to the truck then wanted ?10 for helping us, I gave him ?2. Left Banjul late in the afternoon and headed up river to make camp. Lots of mosquitoes about now the climate is more humid.

Day 48 : Saturday 9th Jan - River Gambia

Followed a half decent road up the river Gambia, but rarely saw it because of trees. The road is very narrow and we almost had a crash when I was in the dog box. Stayed up there a long time and got back ache. Camped in Gambia again.

Day 49 : Sunday 10th Jan - Gambia / Senegal boarder Nyamanam

Had trouble getting an exit visa, had to go back 15km to town to get one. Everyone got off the truck and stayed in a village, me and Julia went with the truck which gave me time to sort my locker out. Drove to Chobe game park at about 4:00pm. We drove round till dark, but did not see many animals. Stayed at a camp near a large water hole, the guides told us that there were a lot of wild animals about including lions. Most people crashed out early, me and Julia stayed up till 2:30 drinking vodka.

Day 50 : Monday 11th Jan Senegal - Chobe National Park

Up at 6:00 to see the Hippo's at the water hole. Could not focus for a while, don't feel too well, Julia is worse. Went in the dog box and got cut while passing thorns, managed to get the splinters out at dinner. It's now very hot and humid. Passed a Rope Bridge and took a video of us all crossing it. Had a wash in a large river and put clean clothes on, feel a lot better. Did truck cleaning, took over an hour with all the thorns in the food stores, crashed out and slept well.

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