Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best of the Rockies Trek: Sun Canyon Lodge

Driving day today. But as a reward at the end of it we got to sleep in a bed. But beforehand we finished off our sight-seeing in Yellowstone. First of all we went to the Mammoth Hot Springs, which were again different, it was sort of layered and all white (like salt). Then we drove our of the original Yellowstone entrance, where I took pictures for everyone, without getting out of the car. Today was my turn in the front!

Riding in Montana The drive was long and uneventful, we drove through Montana and there are not many houses here, but beautiful rolling hills. We were slightly late getting to Sun Canyon Lodge, but they still let us go riding. I am really glad I went, the countryside was so beautiful. My horse's name was "Cupcake", and he had a "tree thing", he insisted on heading straight for all the smallish Xmas trees and walking straight over them (scary for me as I had no control whatsoever!). Apart from that he also was extremely hungry and we stopped for a munch, every 5 metres! All of this resulted in me bringing up the rear again!

When we got back from riding there was no time for freshening up, as we had ordered dinner, which was delicious! Steak, Hash browns and salad! LECKER!! I had my steak medium rare. I can still taste it just writing about it!! After the meal we went back to the biggest of our two cabins, and had a party! With Gin & Tonic! We played a few games - we did the one Linda did with us on the last Trek, where you describe your favourite things with adjectives and it actually means something else. Then Jenny taught us a couple of drinking games. One I want to try and remember for Xmas so I'll write down all the necessary things:

* Yeehah - either right or left
* Haybarn - hands above head, skip one person in the going direction
* Hoedown - elbow downwards, change direction
* Cowgirl - hold boobs, changes direction and skips one
* Cowboy - hold men's parts, changes direction and skips two
* Draw - point to two people, who have to get up and the first to shoot wins (doesn't have to drink)

The other game we played was called "Calling all vegetables!, where everyone is a different veg, and it must be said without showing teeth. Hayato was so funny, he was lettuce and looked hilarious trying not to show his teeth!

Mike taught us a good game too, we all had to choose a road sign on the first round, and then on the second round had to add "Between my legs... + road sign. That was a great laugh! Then we all had a comfy sleep, even though the bed was extremely squeaky!

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