Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: Zimbabwe (Day 166-170)

Friday 7th May - Great Zimbabwe - Harare

Felt ill all night and in morning, but better after an hour on the road. Rode on the dog box for the last time on a very fast road in the cool sunshine. Arrived in Harare at 13:30 and parcked the truck in the car park of the TerraceKane hotel. Met another Exodus truck that was getting ready to start the Southern African trip which Charlie is booked on. Changed $100 US into local, then picke up some mail from Mun & Dad and Ian Samson, together with a copy of Viz. Went for a burger at Wimpy with Julia, sitting outside on the pavement, then walked round a few shops and bought a couple more T-Shirts. Tried to collect the air tickets from the B.A. office, but they were not ready. Walked back to the hotel with Julia, stopping for a coffee on the way. Had a good hot shower, then got changed for our farewell meal. Had a Zimbabwe mixed grill consisting of Elephant, Ostrich, Impala, Stable and Guine Foul. Too much meat at once to finish it all. Got a taxi back with Charlie, Lars and Julia. Slept on truck with Charlie, Jo, Bobbie and Julia in the car park. Did not get much sleep.

Saturday 8th May - Harare

Had breakfast in the hotel with Jo, Julia, Bobbie and Charlie. Saw Charlie off on the new truck for his additional six week trip, wishing that I had also arranged it. Booked into the hotel for three nights for only ?27. Slept in room until it was time to go to the airport and see off Niels, Metta, Metta, Lars and Rikke back to Denmark. Picked up our own tickets, then drove back on the truck to the hotel. Nice day, but too tired to go down to the pool, fell asleep again on the bed. Others went out to the cinema, but I went to the bar for a quiet drink and a sandwich. Had a good nights sleep. The others slept on the truck.

Sunday 9th May - Harare

Had breakfast again in the hotel and then had a walk round town, spent the afternoon round the pool. Went out to a few bars at night with Mark, Charlotte, Bobbie, Jo and Julia.

Monday 10th May - Harare - London

Finally the trip has come to an end, packed up and got a taxi to the airport with Bobbie and Julia. Flying back on a B.A.747 to London, slept most of the way when it got dark.

Tuesday 11th May - London - Manchester

Landed at Heathrow in the morning. Bobbie and Julie met some freinds and got a lift back to Southampton. I wanted to get the shuttle to Manchester, but it was too expensive. Got the train instead to Stockport with plenty of time to think about getting a job etc. Final leg of the journy on the 17 bus from Stockport to Dane Bank. Walked the last few 100 yards arriving home at 12:30. Had a shower and slept the rest of the day, night and all of Wednesday.

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