Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: GABON (Day 101-105)

Day 101 : Wednesday 3rd March - Younde

Got woke up by Metta for a shift at guarding the truck with Charlie from 5 to 6am. After that had another hours sleep then went for a shower in the mission. Went a walk round the city on my own, raining very hard all day, but quite warm. Wrote a couple of postcards home. Did another truck guard shift with Jo. Went to an American Bar and met a couple of Aussie girls on the Economic truck, had a few beers with them before going to a café with Lars and Charlie for some chips. Had another beer in the bar, posted the cards home then camped on a side road. Kristen is not well and fainted in the truck. Only had potatoes for tea, listened to walkman with Julia before crashing out.

Day 102 : Thursday 4th March - Cameroon / Gabon Border

Sick straight after breakfast. Listned to walkman again with Julia then slept on the dog box for an hour when we stopped in a small town. Road got better on way to the river border. Found that the ferry was broke so we set off for another crossing only to find out that the had closed until tomorrow. Cut the wood for the fire then slept on the truck with Jo, Bobbie & Julia under a mosqueto net.

Day 103 : Friday 5th March - Cameroon / Gabon Border

Got up at 5:30 in the pissing rain and got soaked. Arrived at the border early , Ian and Patrik crossed over at 8:00 to sort everything out with the police. Read a book then had a game of monopoly. Went to a café for an omlette then onto a bar near the river for a beer. Had a sleep on the truck then went to another bar. Crossed the river border at 6:00, customs & police no problem. Had to camp on the road, a pissed up woman arrived at night, I lost a machete making a clearing. Tent was second worst ever.

Day 104 : Saturday 6th March - Cameroon / Gabon Border

Got woke up at 6:30 by a woman complaining that we had damaged her banana plants,left quickly. Into a town called Bitan to get our entry confirmation. Went food shopping and changed some money in a supermarche, then had lunch out on a field. Found a river for a wash in the afternoon, passed through a nice town called Oyem. Camped in a gravel pit, had more G&T late into the night.

Day 105 : Sunday 7th March - Gabon

Left at 7:30 and drove all day, passed through Mitzio. Had lunch by a creek with loads of locals watching us. Passing through swamps and jungle. Camped in a clearing and made supper. Up late drinking before sleeping on the truck.

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