Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best of the Rockies Trek: Twaal Ranch & Thompson River

It was up a really windy road and right in the middle of nowhere. It was great. We were the only ones there, and were able to make as much noise as we felt like!

It had pit toilets, but it did have warm showers! I actually had one, whilst Mike and her team were making dinner. They made Couscous, it was delicious (nothing like in Tunisia). After dinner I helped Jennifer light all the candles on Patricia's cake, (it was her b-day), only she didn't realise we all knew. And was so surprised to get a cake and present!

Then we all went and sat around the best campfire so far and had another party. First we played "Murder in the dark" (one tap detective, two taps murderer, the murderer kills by winking). That was good fun, then we played Yeehah, followed " when we were all well and truly drunk " by a truth game "I never ever...." those who are guilty of whatever have to have a drink. It was funny, but not too embarrassing - after all "we're all brothers & sisters". Sometime we all stumbled up the hill to bed. (I found out today that it was around 1.30am).

Well, I may as well keep this well up to date even though we are only halfway through Tuesday. We have just left the white-water rafting. And that was great! Extremely wet, but great. The ride started off relatively harmless, but it soon hotted up. About half hour into the trip. I thought seeing the bald-headed eagle was going to be the only highlight, and that was awesome.

I had my eyes shut for most of the trip after seeing the eagle, that was because I hadn't wanted to go in my old glasses a) I can't see too well with them on and b) I must be vain!!. We all had to wear yellow rainpants and rainjackets (bright yellow) and of course life jackets. A good job too, we were drowned even with all the gear on, we'd have frozen without!

We left the rafting and the sun was shining, but the nearer we got to Vancouer the worse the weather got. So there was no skydiving for us. I think I was kind of relieved! I had had flashbacks of skydiving on the boat (the wind in my face!), and I don't think I would have been able to do it. As the weather was too bad, we made an appointment for the next morning and drove into Vancouver.

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