Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hawaiian Dream Trek: Big Island

Woke with a jump this morning, my tour today included an unwanted wake up call at 5.30am! 6am would have been much better, but oh well!

Was up and waiting at the front door to be picked up by 6.25am. Was actually picked up at 6.45am. Then it was off to the airport, where I got to be a " real " tourist and wear a silly badge!

The flight was again uneventful and only took about 40mins. We were picked up at the airport by our guide called Karen and were in a small bus - 24 of us. Everyone seemed to feel sorry for me as I was on my own (the only one!), but I obviously looked happy enough as they all soon stopped worrying about me, but they all insisted on helping getting me on my pictures, it was easier to let them, than try to explain, that I prefer landscapes to pictures of me!

Our tour started off with a trip to Akaka Falls, for me the hike was nothing, but the older generation were quite puffed. But the falls were beautiful and we saw them from a completely different angle to all the other falls I have seen this holiday. From there we went to the Macademia Nut factory, we got a free bar of chocolate cause we were stood in the wrong line, but who's to complain. I bought a small tin of nuts for Mum, I wanted to get some uncracked ones, but they didn't sell them. After 1/2 hour there it was on to an orchid farm. There I got Mum loads of Hawaiian plant seeds and roots.

And then finally we made our way to the Volcanoes National Park. First stop there was Volcano House, where we had lunch looking out over a crater. Then we carried on our journey stopping to look at various craters and lava flows. We got to the sea and in the distance you could see the steam cloud, where the new lava was going into the sea. Unfortunately that was the closest we got to the lava. I would have liked to have seen some hot stuff, but it didn't happen.

From there it was back to the airport and back to Oahu. Once back, I found out that Nicki's scuba diving had been cancelled that was annoying 'cause she could have joined me. Can't be changed!

We met Albert and Mei for dinner at 20.30 and today we went to Duke's Canoe Club which is directly on the beach. It was fun there, as I got carded! Yes, nearly 30 and the waitress thought I was not yet 21! GREAT! Nicki at 26 was not quite as pleased, but when she is pushing 30, she will be!

Dinner there was delicious, I had " Opah " fish, (Hawaiian Moonfish) Then it was back to bed.

Last Day

Nicki and I went out shopping this morning, first we went to Crazy Shirt and bought loads of T-shirts (one for me, Mum and Ramona), then I wanted some new Tevas (smart ones) but they didn't have any in black, so I went without. Nicki bought a bag for all her goodies. Then it was back to the hotel to pack and see Mei and Albert off. We checked out after Mei and Albert had gone, and then went to lay on the beach.

We left the beach at about 4pm to have a shower at the hotel, they let you have a room for 1/2 hour after having checked out. I thought that was great service.

After our shower we went to Keo's for dinner, delicious, we should get the cook to move to Germany. But why would he want to leave Hawaii! After dinner we made our way back to the hotel and Nicki left at 7.50pm. I waved her off of course and then did some last minute shopping. When I got back to the hotel the bus driver that the others had had, was waiting to say goodbye to me. That was so cute, cause I wasn't actually going to the airport with him, as I had booked a return shuttle coming in. Won't do that if I go again. Two single fairs would still have been cheaper!

I left the hotel to the airport at 21.00 and was there in plenty of time to check in and buy a couple of magazines. My flight left on time at 23.00pm and that apart from the long flight home was the end of another great holiday!

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