Tuesday, June 24, 2008

East Coast of America Trek: Moosehead Lake & Baxter State Park

It was a really early start this morning - 4.45am we got up and left the campsite at 5.30am.

The reason for the extremely early start is our white water rafting trip. There were no hiccups on the trip from Canada to the USA, we even managed to get Tom back in after a bit of paperwork. The rafting place was just over the border. Karola and all the guys got into the rafting gear, then it was on the bus to get to the river. The rest of us were dropped off for our first hike to "Moxie Falls".

After the rafting we drove on to Moosehead Lake stopping along the way for lunch. We got to Moosehead Lake at about 4pm. The campsite is beautiful, it is right on the lake and we had it all to ourselves. The guys went for one freezing cold swim, from which they didn't seem to warm up.

Before dinner Stephen took some of us back down the road to get some good shots of the sunset over the lake. Dinner tonight was a steak barbecue. Afterwards we built the barbecue up to a bonfire and sat around it playing silly drinking games "bunnies" and "karaoke",

Oh and Stephen organised a competition between countries. "Chubby Bunny", it involves marshmallows and is disgusting, but hilarious for those watching.

We unfortunately had to leave the beautiful campsite this morning, we wanted to go to Baxter State Park.

Even leaving at 8.30am we didn't get there until 11.30am cause of the very slow dirt roads. But the park was well worth it.

I hiked with some of the others to Rocky Pond and Little Rocky Pond. It was beautiful and really peaceful.

They only allow a certain amount of people into the park so it wasn't at all overrun. Also the trails were still trails, meaning there was no concrete turning them into paths, it was just a trail in and out of trees and rocks. That way it all seemed really authentic.

We left at 3pm and we are now on our way to Acadia National Park. It has so far been a very "windy" drive, and it had nothing to do with the weather.

We set up camp at Hadley's Point and then it was up to me, Catherine and Robin to conjure up something edible! We had leftovers!
Meaning we used up the pasta and cauliflower. It made quite a delicious meal. After dinner some went into town and some stayed around the campsite.

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