Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hawaiian Dream Trek: Lei Day

Got up earlier today as I didn't want to miss anything on Lei Day!

"May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii"

There was a big festival on in the park with Lei making competitions and Hula music. The kids also entered the competition and there were kids under 6 making beautiful leis in the shade of a tree. Then I watched all these Hula kids line up for dancing, I didn't watch them dance then though, as I made my way back to the hotel to meet Nicki. She was already there and showered, so I marched us back off to the park. Where we sat and watched the Hula performances and the lei competition winners.

In the evening we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner after having looked everywhere else. After that we went to the cinema. We saw " Matrix " with Keanu Reeves, which finished better than it started. As Nicki put it, it was extremely bizarre, but by the end of the film, I think I got what it was all about. I have since seen the film again, and understood and enjoyed it!

What a day! I would start at the beginning but I have to get something off my chest first. I managed to lose the safe key! We had decided on a bit of time on the beach and walked right along the waters edge to the park, where I must have lost my key from my trouser pocket, when I stripped off down to my bikini. So stupid! We did go back to the spot when I realised I'd lost the key, but we couldn't find it. Well, the hotel managed to sort out the dilemma and let us get at our valuables again. (Cost me $50) But I am still very annoyed with myself!

But I didn't only lose the key today! Nicki brought us both an ankle chain, which had gone missing by the time we went for dinner! Spent most of the rest of the evening worrying about taking out my contact lenses, as things always come in threes, but I have just remembered I have already lost a third thing today - my big (dead) toe-nail. Yucky! So I should be alright in a minute, when I take out my lenses. Once we were able to get the money out of the safe we went to a large shopping mall (Ala Moana Centre) and from there we went for a Thai meal (Singha), it was delicious.

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