Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: CAMEROON (Day 96-100)

Day 96 : Friday 26th Feb - Duala

Set off early for Duala, parked next to some smart shops and changed some money on the street, bought a pint of flavoured milk, drank it and felt sick. Drove to Baue to see mount Cameroon from a different side, we still could not camp anywhere near it. In the end we had to break into a plantation and camp there. Bobbie & Jo made beefburgers for tea and I did the fire. Nowhere for us to put the tent, gave up in the end and threw it on some plants. A tropical storm came down the mountain causing the to tent collapsed over and over again, had no sleep.

Day 97 : Saturday 27th Feb - Credi

Hurt my back in the night lying on the rubber plants, the owners came round early on and started giving us hassle so we drove off without any breakfast. Stopped in a town later in the morning, bought some brochettes and had a large G&T from a roadside bar. Got down to the coast at lunch time, went swimming in the sea but it was a bit dirty. Walked up the beach to a hotel but it was too up market and expensive to stay the night, getting a bit worried about the amount of money left before I can get to an International bank. Had a sleep then went to a local bar up the road with Julia, Bobbie & Jo for a beer. Kenny did not make the meal till 10:00 the meat looked a bit off so I left it. Not feeling too well stayed on the truck and read a book to take my mind off my killing back.

Day 98 : Sunday 28th Feb - Credi

Got up late then went for a swim, tried to get some more sleep in the tent but it got too hot. Feeling feverish and aching all over, starting to hallucinate, decided to take my Halfen anti-malarial. Managed to walk to the posh hotel and drink some spring water, but still can't face any food. Went for a dip at night to cool down with Jo, Bobbie, Kristin and Andy. Had a shower then crashed out.

Day 99 : Monday 1st March - Credi

Feel so bad, but there is not much I can do about it, missed breakfast again. Went into the village up the road for food shopping, bought some stuff from a supermarché, met some women who wanted us to go back to their place for a meal. Had a yoghurt then threw it up. Had a shower then made lunch of coleslaw salad, tried to eat a bit. Travelled up the road for a bit then camped early, made Swedish sausage & mash for the evening meal in the light for once. Slept on the truck, Bobbie gave me an ibroupofen for my back, had a good sleep.

Day 100 : Tuesday 2nd March - Younde

Made breakfast early, feeling a lot better, but Julia isn?t (hangover). Sat in the kitchen corner of the truck because of my back. Into Younde for 12 noon and set off to the bank. Changed 500FF into CFA. Spent 20,000CFA = ?50 at the supermarché on personal food store ready for the Congo and Zaire. Bought biscuits, orange juice, tinned meat, paté, chocolate, raisins, jam, insect repellent, spread cheese and a new pair of headphones. Rang home and spoke to Dad for 2000 CFA. Had a drink with Jo and Julia. Picked up two letters from home from the post office. Went shopping again in the afternoon. Started to rain very hard. At night stored all the stuff away in my locker while we were parked in the Presbyterian mission. Had to guard the truck all night with Bobby and Julia.

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