Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 Week Tour of the West: Monument Valley and Lake Powell

Well, I know we were all suffering from "sensory overload" after the Grand Canyon and all that we had seen up til then. But I did not realise, that I never wrote a thing about either Monument Valley or Lake Powell!

For you that means that what you will read now, is from my memory and with a 4 years since then, it could well be a bit hazy.

Mmh, let me think.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley was our first stop after the Grand Canyon, and I remember that at the time, the breathtaking views were not sinking in to my poor brain, and all the pictures I took seem to prove that too. It was as if I was taking them to be able to look afterwards and take it all in at a later date.

We were only passing through Monument Valley our goal was Lake Powell.

Lake Powell
And it was so warm there, no one complained of not being able to sleep because they were freezing! The lake was really beautiful, and when a sand storm got up, it made it even more breathtaking as the dark clouds and blue sky made the mountains even more prominent.

We went to Page to see the Glen Canyon Dam, which was really impressive, unfortunately it was no longer washing out the Colorado, it had stopped only 2 days before. We did think that maybe the dam was the one Pierce Brosnan had jumped from in James Bond, but that is somewhere in Switzerland I think we found out.

Sorry but that is all I really remember about all that, maybe the Journal will have more to say (when I get to that).

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