Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: MOROCCO (Day 21-25)

Day 21 : Sunday 13th December - Todra Gorge to Marrakech

Got a mini bus with the girls across the High Atlas mountains, stopped for lunch and coffee on the way in a good French style café. A second minibus had been sent to the truck to swap the guards over and pick the tents up. Arrived at the campsite early and waited around for the second mini bus to arrive with the tents. Put the tents up easily and then went to the bar to celebrate Charlie?s birthday. Weather cold again.

Day 22 : Monday 14th December - Marrakech

Went to the post office and a walk up the high street with Charlie, bought some batteries, all 24 of mine from the UK have turned out to be flat. Had a meal with Julia, Jo and Charlie in the town. Rang home at night from the hotel next door, finally got my ?400 tax rebate. Went back to the bar again at night for a few more beers .

Day 23 : Tuesday 15th December - Marrakech

Charlie, Rikke and Metta have left the group for a while to go trekking up the mountains. Went for a meal with Bobbie and Julia in the morning, then went back to the high street. In the afternoon me and Kristen went shopping in the Berber market. Got hassled all the time with guides, but we managed to get all the food we needed. Tried to cook cus-cus for the evening meal but added a load of oil instead of steaming it and totally ruined it. Went a walk at night to find a bar, had just one beer before everyone felt tired and wanted to go back. Had a good nights sleep in the tent on my own on Charlie?s thermo-rest, went to sleep wishing that I had brought one.

Day 24 : Wednesday 16th December - Marrakech

It started to rain in the night and early morning. I made breakfast in the morning of bread, cheese, jam etc. Went with Niels and Esther to help them with the shopping in the Berber market. Went a walk by myself, but did not see much, had a sleep in the afternoon, I need a shower but it?s a bit too cold, we are all trying to find a Turkish bath in town without success. Getting bored with this town but its better than being stuck with the truck.

Day 25 : Thursday 17th December - Marrakech

Walked up to the medina with Lars and Julia, Lars went back and me and Julia walked round and went fora drink a café outside a taxi rank of horse drawn carts. Never seen horses in such a poor state. Julia got a taxi back and I went round the medina again to buy a couple of Christmas presents. Non-stop hassle with so called local guides, they just won?t take no for an answer. Had a massive argument with one which brought a crowd, another guy then kept following me. Went into a silver shop and began to haggle over a trinket box, got into another argument because I would not buy it. It ended up getting broke and I got chased out of the shop with a bloke waving a sword in the air. Running off down the narrow streets with the guys from the shop chasing me, I dived into a carpet shop where they let me hide. The doors were locked and it soon became apparent that the only way out was to buy a carpet off them. Without much choice, I parted with 400 Dirams for a small poor quality rug. In the evening, Charlie, Rikke and Metta returned. We had a few beers while playing charades.

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