Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hawaiian Dream Trek: Kayaking

We were up really early, but then again the first night on the floor isn't always the best nights sleep! Anyway we were up and had had breakfast, ready for the off at 8.15am.

Today was Kayaking! We drove to Kailua and then kayaked to the " Twin Islands " Mokulua (moku=island, lua=two), it was beautiful there. The island we stopped on was a sea bird sanctuary, and all these birds had made their nests in the hill face. So cute! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me (in case the boat tipped!) Todd took us to the back of the island, and showed us where they sometimes do cliff diving. Marcus, Albert and Ulrike jumped in after seeing that Todd came up safe and sound. I didn't try I was too afraid of losing my lenses! And it was quite a high jump, at least I thought so.

Once we got back to the front of the island Todd took Marcus, Ulrike and Nicki out in the kayak to ride the waves. Marcus and Ulrike did well. When he took poor Nicki out they tipped the boat twice!! But both came back in fits of laughter, so it can't have been too bad. And they did manage to catch one wave.

Once they were back we started paddling back to the beach. God it was exhausting, I would have loved to have given my poor shoulders a bit of a rest, but if we stopped paddling Nicki started feeling ill, so I just kept on going, slower than on the way to the island. We nearly made it back without Nicki throwing up, unfortunately the poor girl didn't quite make it, and about 20m from shore she did throw up.

After giving the kayaks back, it was time for a well-earned lunch on the beach and some of us not brave enough to try out the showers with a view, had a shower at the beach.

This hill was steeper than it looks! After lunch we left Nicki snoozing under a tree and went for a hike up to a view-point overlooking the bay we had just kayaked through. It was a short but very steep hike. But the view made it very worthwhile. Getting down was the most difficult especially the last bit, where the others got a picture of me hanging from tree to tree like a monkey!

We then went shopping and back to the camp. Where I had my first shower with a view! Best one ever I think. It was so much fun. Even when it started really raining.

Nicki made dinner today, we had a vegetable stir fry and cous-cous with a tangy sauce. Poor Marcus missed out on food, his back was bad from kayaking so he stayed lying flat.

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