Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best of the Rockies Trek: Waterton National Park

Left Glacier National Park today. Bye bye Yogi! First stop though wasn't far from the park, at Two Sisters Café, for breakfast. They do about 15 different kinds of pies, I had cheesecake with strawberries and peaches. Delicious. I also tried some of Gillian's Chocolate Pie, that was nice too, but a whole piece would have been too sickly and too much.

From there we drove on to Canada. On our way to Waterton National Park we had our second bear encounter. He was stood in the middle of the road, as we drove up, he looked at the van, and then decided to run back into the safety of the woods. Wow, two bears, GREAT!

In Waterton Park we drove to Cameron Lake to do some canoeing. That was fun, especially as I didn't have to paddle. Mike and I were in the middle of a canoe for 4 and all we had to do was get comfy and organise our "slaves", Geert and Linda. It was fun.

After canoeing we stayed by the lake for lunch. Then we went to see " The Prince of Wales Hotel ". Nice but not that spectacular, but I did enjoy seeing a Mountie there. Only stupid me, didn't get a picture, cause I originally thought he wasn't a real one, that was until I spotted his police car! Oh well, at least I've seen one. Maybe I'll get another chance.

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