Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: BOTSWANA (Day 161-165)

Sunday 2nd May - South Chobe / Victoria Falls

Had cerials for breakfast and were on the road by 6:50. Started reading a book until the truck got stuck in 3rd gear and we had to replace it with the old gear box which took a few hours. Had lunch on the edge of a village, met some South African tourists. On the dog box until it got cold, fell asleep in the back of the truck untill Ian began beeping the horn as we drove into Victoria Falls. Rode on the outside of the truck through the town with us all whooping and shouting. Only the other overlanders around knew why we were shouting or had any idea what we must have been through to get here. Made camp with other overland trucks on a campsite. As soon as I got a killing pain in my side, tried to walk it off by going to the local wimpy but it got worse. Painkillers had no effect and I realised it could be something serious. In constant agony, did not have a wink of sleep, just waiting for it to get light and get to a Doctors.

Monday 3rd May - Victoria Falls

Set off walking to the hospital on my own. Collapsed when I got to the wimpy, luclkly Marion was there and she got me a taxi. Only waited for a hour to see a Doctor, about 2 hour less than the NHS in the UK ! Woman Doctor told me she thought it was a gaul bladder problem caused by a sudden change of diet from boiled rice to fried food and saturated fats. Got a mixture of drugs that I will have to take for a few weeks. Having not slept for three or four days, I am beginning to lose it. Forgot to order a taxi and tried to walk the three miles back, took me hours. Passed a hotel and decided to book myself in for a few days. Struggled back to the camp and packed up a few things. Charlie carried the to the Sprayview hotel for me. Had a drink of tonic water in the bar then slept the whole afternoon in a soft clean bed - what luxury. Had a banana and special fat free biscuits for tea, then a hot bath. Everyone else had booked a booze cruze down the zambizi, and here I am feeling sorry for myself. Charlie and Julia came round at 10:00, both pissed to see how I was feeling.

Tuesday 4th May - Victoria Falls

Up at 7 to have a light breakfast in the hotel. Not in as much pain, but still increadbly tired. Went back to bed and slept the rest of the morning. Woke up at mid day and was deternind to see something more of Vic Falls than a hotel room. Walked to the camp and changed 320 French Francs into local. Walked over the falls into Zambia and got wet. Bought two caved wooden heads for $100 zim. Had a laugh at some typical Americans that could not grasp the concept of haggling, paying the first price quoted for any old thing. Swapped my leather waist-coat and Moroccan trousers for for two soapstone statues. Went round the supermarket with Charlie, then had a sandwich and brew by the poo of the hotel. Crashed out for a few more hours before Mark, Charlotte and Julia came round for a meal. Had crocodile thermidor, quite good. Decided to pay for another night, slept right through, began to feel a bit better.

Wednesday 5th May - Victoria Falls - Bulawayo

Had breakfast delivered to room at 6:30, packed up then met the truck on the road at 7:30. Travelled all day on a good road, stopping for lunch of bread and cheese at a roadside camp area. Got to Bulawayo at 3:30 and wandered around town with Charlie. Went into a beer hall for a drink then bought a few T-Shirts and a Zulu shield for $100 zim. At the camp I packed away the souverneers and tieded up my locker. Made BBQ chicken and potatoes for tea, but ended up burning it. Met an old white South African couple, just about the most racist people I have ever met. Held a big meeting about Harare and the end of the trip. Slept on the truck with Lars, Charlie, Niels and Julia. Getting cooler now.

Thursday 6th May - Bulawayo - Great Zimbabwe

Made breakfast fire and argued with Lars about getting the sugar and mike powder mixed up. Fixed my walkman on the truck for an hour, then drove towards Great Zimbabwe. Had lunch by a bridge, then stopped to do a bit of shopping. Walked round the ruins of Zimbabwe and up a hillto see the sunset. Only had mash potato for tea and began to feel sick again. Completed a questionare for Exodus, then slept on the truck again.

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