Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: BOTSWANA (Day 156-160)

Tuesday 27th April - Okavango Delta

Felt a bit better, made breakfast of cornflakes and toast. Up on the dog box on a very straight good road for 100s km into the Okavango delta. Began to see more and more wildlife, giraffe, ostrich and wart-hogs. Stopped for lunch under a big tree and cut a load of good wood. Entered a camp site on the edge of a small lake. Very tired fell asleep early.

Wednesday 28th April - Okavango Delta

Warm but cloudy morning. Drove into Maun to drop Ian, Esther, Rikke & the Metta off for a boat trip. Went into an air-conditioned supermarket and bought loads of junk food. Had a coffee in a cafe with Lars, then book a plane trip over the delta for 100 pula = ?28. Got very hot in the afternoon, went for a swim in the pool then Julia cut my hair. Mark & Charlotte arrived back in the evening. Had a beer fro the bar, had a large evening meal followed by more beers and Gin & Tonics. Over-indulged and felt sick again.

Thursday 29th April - Okavango Delta

Some thing were stolen in the night, Charlies day-pack, Claires walkman with my tapes and Charlottes bag. Reported it to the camp office. Had a hangover all morning. Filled the truck with water, cut some wood for a fire, and made a soup mix for lunch. Went swimming again and had a hot shower. Bough a book on the delta from the camp shop, then drove to the airstrip to get the plane. Nine of us crammed into a small cesna for a one hour flight over the delta. The Canadian pilot flew high up at first then swooped down to 75 feet buzzing various villages. Saw lots of antelope, elephants and giraffe. Had a drink in the Duck-Inn in Maun then went back to the camp. Had chicken & chips from the bar and another pint outside. Slept in the tent on my own, Charlie slept on the truck.

Friday 30th April - Okavango Delta / South Chobe

Made breakfast of cold porrage and bread. Into Maun to spend the last of our pulas. Bought kentuky fried chicken and bars of fudge. Waited a long time for Ian to arrive at the bank. Eventually drove out of the delta and into chobe game park. Began to see giraffs and elephants very close. Did not have any lunch, but stopped early in a good clearing. Had a game of chess with Patric at night. Thought a lion had come into the camp - mass panic with some people climbing onto the roof of the truck. They turned out to be hyenas, and were a lot bigger then we had imagined. Dig a very deep rubish hole to stop them getting at it. They continued prowling the camp into the night, I kept my commando knife just in case they came too close. Got woke up with them eating the tent and trying to get in and people running onto the truck again. I punched one on the nose very hard and made it yelp, that was the last we saw of them.

Saturday 1st May - South Chobe

Left very early to spend the whole day in Chobe national park. Saw lots of antelope things, elephants, zebras and giraffe. Had lunch with them surrounding the truck. Stopped at a water hole, but not much happening. Drove till 7 at night and camped on the road. Gettng a cold with a sore throat and ear ache. Not much sleep again with wild cats screaming at night.

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