Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best of the Rockies Trek: Vancouver

We all stayed together as we went through Chinatown, Downtown and Gastown. In Gastown we went into the Irish pub for a drink, before we headed back to the van. Then it was on to our first campsite in a city. I wasn't impressed! But oh well. We were cooking again and we had Burritos, yummy! Then we had a hot tub party (Jenny, Gillian, Linda, Mike and me), and an early night, got to bed at about 11.30pm and slept like a log until the rain woke me at 3.30am.

Again no skydiving! It is absolutely chucking it down, which left us with the problem of what to do with the stuff for a barbecue. Well we did not want to waste anything, so we had it all for breakfast! Steak, Chicken, Potato salad, salad! Delicious, even though it was only 10.00 in the morning!

After that feast, it was into Vancouver for all of us. Sally and I opted not to join the others at the IMAX Theatre (the film was about Mt. Everest). We made Vancouver unsafe instead. First we hit a coffee bar, and did some people watching. We then went to the VC for a map so that we knew what we were doing. We then saw Canada Place (built for the Expo 1986), then we went to Stanley Park (small hike) it is probably really beautiful in the sunshine, but we had a light drizzle (who cares though we had fun!) From there we hiked up Robson Street and found a shop selling freshly made crisps. We both bought a bag and had them sat in front of the Art Gallery "people watching". It then looked as if the clouds were lifting, so we went up the harbour centre. Had another drink and were about to head back down, when a guided tour came. So we tagged ourselves on to that and learnt a lot about Vancouver.

We then wandered down to Gastown, looked at everything and found a great people watching café and waited until the others arrived. We then all went for dinner at a place called "Brothers", where all the waiters were dressed as monks. I had a beautiful piece of salmon with potatoes and a sauce hollandaise, delicious! From there we went to some club with slow music. Very loud and full of Asians. So we moved on from there to the pub next door. I wasn't in such a party mood though. Tiredness overcame me!

We eventually got to the campsite at about 1am, where it was straight to bed for our last night in our tent!

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