Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best of the Rockies Trek: Jasper National Park

Afterwards we had lunch and drove on to Jasper National Park where we stopped to see the Athabasca Falls. I could have stayed there for hours, waterfalls have that effect on me! Well, we didn't though, we drove on to the VC in Jasper, got the usual maps, then it was on to the campsite. I was on the cooking team again, we made sweet & sour pork with rice. Considering we forgot the pineapple and had substituted most of the veg, it was delicious. We found a tin of apricots in the drybox, so we used them instead of pineapples. Everyone enjoyed it.

After dinner we sat around trying to get the journal up to date and not really succeeding, but we were having fun. I can't believe that it was daylight until 23.00hrs and then it started to get slightly darker but not much! We all had really wanted an early night (only Jennifer got one!), but it was probably about midnight, when we went to bed!

Pyramid lakeHad a bit of a lay in today, we didn't leave the campsite until 9am. All but four of us were going mountain biking. Geert, Gillian, Audrey and I had decided on hiking. Especially with the weather as beautiful as it was. First of all though I went to an internet café to send a quick message to Mum and Thorsten. I had an ice-cream to go as well. Delicious! Then at 10am we left on our hike, which in the end turned out to be a lot longer than expected. All in all we did about 18km! Out of choice - we could have just lazed about Jasper, but no we went hiking! The hike took us past a couple of flower covered fields (we felt like Heidi, Peter, Grandad and a goat) Then on to Pyramid Lake, where we had a 20min break (crisps and water). The hike back was more of a march, as we had a time limit!! We made it almost, but no one was around to notice we were 10mins late.

Once we had gathered everyone together again, we drove to Mt. Edith Cavall for lunch and more hiking!! I only did the short hike to see Angel Glacier, and there we all (Janny, Audrey, Sally and I) sat down and chilled out, whilst the others went on an uphill hike!

Back in Jasper at about 6pm the others went swimming. I wandered about Jasper with Janny, Sally and Geert. I couldn't be bothered with swimming and my lenses!

We got back to camp about 20.30hrs, we had pasta with tomato sauce and salad. Very nice. Then we all sat around the fire chatting and drinking too much.

Left Jasper this morning, we are heading towards the white-water rafting place, but first we stopped to take a couple of pictures of the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies - Mount Robson (approx. 4.000m).

Helicopter RideJennifer phoned the helicopter place from the VC and they came to pick us all up from just near there. As I had already been in a helicopter before I let Sally and Geert have the window seats. And we all let Patricia have the front seat seeing as it was her birthday. The flight was beautiful and it was fun talking to one another using a button! We flew right up to the mountain and over a couple of "Mars Bars" (Glaciers).

From there we drove more or less non-stop except for a grocery stop to our next campsite - Twaal Ranch.

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