Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best of the Rockies Trek: Jackson & Grand Teton National Park

From Craters of the Moon we drove on to Jackson, which is a very touristy cowboy town. We had a wander around there, whilst Frank went in search of yet another sleeping bag. The rest of us decided to have a whip round for him and we each contributed $7 towards a sleeping bag - he was quite touched.

It was us cooking for tea, so Gillian, Linda, Patrick and I didn't join the mad rush for the showers, but started preparing dinner. We made Burritos, which went down very well with the hungry crowd. After dinner it was off to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for some country music and dancing. I managed to dance with all the guys from our group. It was quite funny really. Patrick had not a clue, but he was a good sport. Hayato was willing to learn, he loves huge steps. Christian, said he had never danced before, but he had rhythm, he should take it up. Geert would only dance to a slow song, and Frank fast ones. Frank can Foxtrot, so that was great.

They threw us out of the bar at about midnight. But the band were pleased we were there cause we kept the dance floor full! Everywhere seemed to be shut so we went back to camp to bed.

In the morning we went hiking in the Grand Teton National Park around Jenny Lake. We had only walked about 5mins and were all still together, when we saw three moose, right by the path, munching away on their breakfast. That was just so " awesome ", amazing, incredible. - I hope the pictures come out!

Jenny Lake
The walk itself was great, not too " anstrengend " (strenuous). First stop was " Hidden Falls ", where we (Janny, Mike, Patricia, Frank and Geert) sat for a while engrossed in the falls. We then changed our minds about going further up, but decided to carry on and go all the way around the lake. That was so beautiful. It was a shame really that we had a time limit, as we did have to walk quite fast to get back in time. But we made it! Just!

We saw quite a bit of wild-life on this hike (we must have been quieter) - a couple of small furry things, which may have been marmots, a squirrel, that thought it was a bird! (It was making very loud birdy sounds). And then we passed an elk right by the path, he was most obliging and posed for 7 pictures. And then carried on with his lunch.

We had the afternoon off, and could do whatever we wanted. Patrick and Christian went mountain biking, the rest of us stayed around town (Jackson). Janny and I went for a drink in the Internet cafe, where I picked up my e-mails and wrote to Mum and Wolfgang. Then the pair of us went and got some postcards and sat in the park writing them. Some of the others eventually joined us. Unfortunately it then decided to pour, so we sheltered. Whilst deciding where to go, Christian and Patrick, hardly recognisable under all the mud, drove past. We went to a real American diner for a drink, waiting for the rain to clear and Jenny to return.

Well, the evening started off kind of boring. I was at the laundry place for most of it. But once I decided to get us all a beer it turned into a laundry party. I can now describe nearly all the groups underwear!! Once it was all washed, dried, folded and sorted, we all went back down to camp, to sit around the fire. Janny and Sally got back first and went to sit at the campfire, both lighting their way with their torches, and shone right on Mike and Frank laying by the riverside. Which is why the laundry party first carried on by the stove. But that got slightly cool, so we moved to the campfire anyway. (Janny, Sally, Audrey, Christian and me). We had a great time. Eventually Frank came to join us. He took us teasing him rather well! Janny, Sally and I couldn't be bothered to walk all the way to the " restrooms ", so we did some more bonding and had a joint weeing session by the river. At about 2.15am we all went to bed!

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