Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: CAMEROON (Day 91-95)

Day 91 : Sunday 21st Feb - Enugu to Cameroon Boarder

Up at 6:30 for a wash then sorted my locker out while waiting for the food groups to return, wrote this diary for the last week. Went for a walk to the shops with Bobbie and got a lift back off Isabel in her car. Said goodbye to George & Isabel then drove all day to the border on a poor road for Nigeria. Camped 5km before the boarder with Cameroon, slept on the truck, loads of bugs around in the jungle.

Day 92 : Monday 22nd Feb - Mamfe, Cameroon

Got to Mamfe on the Cameroon boarder at 8:30, took over two hours to get across. There is more to see now the countryside is becoming more mountainous away from the plains of West Africa. Crossed a large river at lunch time, helped Andy & Kristin make lunch, then went for a swim and a wash in the fast flowing clean river. Drove till 6:30 just before Mamfe and rough camped.

Day 93 : Tuesday 23rd Feb - West Cameroon

Drove all day up and down mountains on a dirt track, jungles at the bottom and bush land further up, about the best scenery so far. Got stopped by the police in the afternoon, our papers are not in order but we managed to talk our way through with the help of the obligatory bribe. I had to go food shopping but the currency has changed from Central Afrique Franc CFA to West Afrique Franc WFA. Could not get any changed, but Patrick managed to buy some bread with $US. Camped at 4000 feet up a mountain and used a dehydrated meal from the stocks. Slept on the truck, very cool for once.

Day 94 : Wednesday 24th Feb - Bafoussam

Made breakfast at 6:00am then drove to Bamenda for 8:30 to change some money. Left there to visit the Fons palace at Bfang, I was too tired to play tourist so I slept up on the dog box in the shade of some trees. Had a drink in a house bar and helped with lunch. Drove to Bafoussam in the mountains then up mount Cameroon. Up at a very high altitude and quite cold, started digging out extra clothes from deep in our lockers but most of them were sent home in Ghana. We could not find a place to camp so we had to come back down the mountain, getting very late. Managed to camp in someone?s garden for a small fee.

Day 95 : Thursday 25th Feb - Chutes D.'Ekon

Drove for three hours heading for the famous waterfalls. Feeling a lot more energetic now, I ran 5km down hill ahead of the truck in the mid day sun. Put out tents up in a sheltered glade the did loads of washing in the pools above the waterfalls. We were warned not to go swimming too far out as an Exodus passenger was lost last year over the 300 feet waterfall. Went a walk with Julia to take some photos then crashed out early.

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