Tuesday, June 24, 2008

East Coast of America Trek: Quebec

Cabins at Quebec! What luxury and even better they had little electric heaters. Half of the group went into Quebec drinking, but I stayed at the cabin with Erica, Catherine and Stephen. We sat around the "camp heater" chatting and Stephen made us hot chocolate with Yukon Whiskey. Very tasty.

We nearly had a good nights sleep, but those that were out drinking didn't all return to camp. Tom & Gary stayed out, unfortunately along with the cabin key, this meant that 3 of the guys were without a bed and sleeping bags. We didn't make them sleep outside, but I don't think they were too comfortable.

View in Quebec - Luvly!We set off at lunchtime minus 2 as "Tom & Jerry" (as they have now been renamed) still hadn't found their way back. Stephen gave us a walking tour of Quebec. Even as we pulled up, I knew I was going to like Quebec, it just looked so "luvly" in the sunshine. After our walking tour we stopped at a café and had a drink and small bite to eat. Then we were on our own for a few hours. I bought myself a fleece scarf to keep me warm on the wilderness campsite. Then I wandered the streets of Quebec with Erica and Cathy. We had a wander through where the peasants used to live, then went up to the Chateau with the funicular railway.

We all went out to eat together in the evening at a restaurant on Saint Jean called "Retro" I had a very delicious steak dinner. Those out partying the night before went back to the campground by taxi after dinner, which was a shame, the rest of us checked out a couple of bars on Grand Allée. Oh I almost forgot, Tom & Jerry bumped into us waiting for a table at the restaurant, they stayed with us there, but then left us to rejoin us at 4.45am.

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