Monday, June 16, 2008

Trek Through Africa: GHANA (Day 76-80)

Day 76 : Saturday 6th Feb - Beach, Ivory Coast

Made scrambled eggs for breakfast, very nice. Went for another run but it was too hot. Had a swim but the waves are too big and hurting my back. Fishermen brought the net in again but not much of a catch.

Day 77 : Sunday 7th Feb - Beach, Ivory Coast

Woke up without a care in the world, started thinking about everyone at home in the freezing winter, ha ha. Had a lazy day doing nothing. Got pissed again at night. Went back to our tent and found that it had been robbed. Charlie?s sleeping bag and torch had gone and a few of my clothes that I had just washed in the sea.

Day 78 : Monday 8th Feb - Beach to Ghana

Drove into Abidjan over the ferry again, Patrick came with us to report the robbery to the police, I could have done with going to the bank but a report of the police will be worth more in the long run. First police station was only a jail. Managed to make a report at the second one and got confirmation off them in letter headed note for the insurance. Bought some fast food on the way back to the truck, then headed to the border with Ghana. Got there no trouble then rough camped ready to cross it in the morning.

Day 79 : Tuesday 9th Feb - Dixcove, Ghana

Made the crossing at Elubo into Ghana, loads of forms to fill in, could not be bothered, made mine all up. Took two hours in the morning sun, very hot, soon got dehydrated and feel faint, had to keep pouring water over my head. Finally got through and headed to Dixcove, a resort on the beach. Went swimming as soon as we got there and had a meeting in the sea, waves are not as big here. Came out and then had an omelette for lunch in the cafe bar together with a few beers with Charlie and Lars. Met a Dragoman expedition coming north that had just come through Zaire and the Congo, these guys are in bad shape, very pale, ill with malaria and low in spirits, had another beer for every bad story they told us. There was no space to put the tent up properly, went a walk with Julia at night, not much sleep because of the idiot place we had put our tent.

Day 80 : Wednesday 10th Feb - Accra

Would have like to stay on the beach another day but Marion is very ill, drove towards Accra, found a large hospital and took Marion in, she can't even walk. Made lunch outside the hospital grounds, did not put much effort into it. The test results confirmed that Marion has got typhoid and needs to get to a better equipped hospital. Had to miss the Danish fort as we drove balls out for Accra. Got there in the dark and dropped Marion and Kenny off at the hospital, some of the Danes left the truck for a night in a hotel. Made egg fried rice for tea next to two Economic trucks in a camp site on the coast. Had a beer with Charlie and Julia on the hotel patio before crashing out on the truck.

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