Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best of the Rockies Trek: Craters of the Moon

Today was just a driving day, with wine-tasting along the way. From Mt. Rainier to Craters of the Moon. It was quite tiring, we never got to our destination until about 22.00 hrs. Luckily for the cooking team (which I am on) we didn't have to cook, as no one really wanted to eat. We just built up our tents by the light of the full moon, and then went to bed.

Frank slept with Patrick, as he had lost his sleeping bag. We assumed we couldn't find it in the dark.

Well, you could say that today was more like Friday 13th for Frank! We couldn't find his sleeping bag at all. Then he finds he has somehow broken his glasses, lost his sunglasses and broken his walkman. Talk about accident prone! Oh well, nothing much we could do about it at Craters of the Moon.

We had a walk around the VC, then we all went on the loop trail hiking. It is a strange place, I suppose it is a bit like how I imagine the moon - desolate and eerie. Our hike took us past a couple of craters. The next short walk took us to a couple of caves, where in the second one, we did some bonding. The Beauty Cave was so dark, that we all held hands to go in and out. It was good fun.

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