Saturday, June 14, 2008

African Adventure: Totally incredible, but just a taste of whats to come (Jan 27-28)

Current Location: Epupa Falls, Kaokoloand, Namibia.
Highlights: The Himba people
Upcoming: We will stay overnight in a Himba village, then off to Etosha Park
Current GPS Coordinates: LAT: S 17.00.22 LONG: E 13.24.49

Its almost impossible to describe the kaleidoscope of emotions and
experiences of the past 48 hrs. But let me try to at least start by setting the scene. I'm sitting about 2 meters form the bank of the Kunene River looking into Angola across the Namibian border at Epupa Falls listening to the thunderous sound of millions of gallons of water pouring over the falls. We drove 120 miles in 6 hours through some of the most spectacular lands in Africa drenched in the Himba culture and littered with small villages of mud and stick huts. I am excited, no, incredibly excited of what we have managed to plan for the next few days. The Himba people are the primary reason I wanted to visit Kaokoland in NW Namibia and we have planned to stay
in a remote Himba village overnight after we leave the falls. We will be allowed to film and photograph these unique people in everyday life and have also planned to slaughter a goat which they then cook by boiling. But it is what happened earlier today that has ignited this excitement. On our way up here from Opuwo, we picked up a Himba woman and her baby (see the pic below) who needed to get to their village. Just looking, smelling, and sitting next to her in her goat skim attire and half naked body covered in an ochre paste made from powered rock and cow fat as she breast fed her child in the Landy was an amazing experience. I will go into this more in the next diary entry as I wanted this to be a short one and to send a picture so maybe you will also be excited to learn more of these fascinating people and culture. This is part of the remote and the wild Africa I can here to experience.

PS Even the Landy was completely well behaved today!

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